The Association of Cypriots, Brent and Harrow was first set up in 1974 to serve the needs of the community at that time. It started the first school, youth club, held many of its own events and represented the Greek and Cypriot community in London wide events. Its students came from Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon, Ealing, Barnet and Hertfordshire. The school was discontinued in 2018 due to dwindling numbers.

The Association continues to exist as a charity No: 294709.  As such it will provide support to those in the Greek and Cypriot community who may require some financial support to provide a service which will benefit the community. This may take the form of restarting the Kingsbury Greek School, a dance class, a youth club, a coach trip or another community programme.

Some financial funding is available provided the applicants supply adequate information and a plan for a viable programme or event and that this is approved by the four main trustees. If you do, please get in touch using the following contact link

The website continues to remain a means of communicating information both to, and from, the community.

Dear parents, ex-pupils and friends in the community

After 44 years, the Kingsbury Greek School will no longer be operating. Due to dwindling numbers in both children and adult classes it is not viable to continue to provide a community language school and so the school will not be reopening for September 2018.

We would like to thank you all,  dedicated volunteers, parents and teachers who over the past  44 years have helped to keep the Greek school and the Greek language alive.

Also thank you to all you enthusiastic fundraisers and parents who have planned and worked hard to make events successful  over the years.