Oxi Yiorti

Here are some pictures from our Oxi day yiorti.

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The Greek holiday ‘Oxi Day’ is celebrated every year in Greece on October 28th and mostly remembered for general Ioannis Metaxas’ strong reply of ‘oxi’ (no) to Mussolini’s request to allow Italian troops to come into Greece at the beginning of WW II.

The result of this stern message was powerful, and in the end, helped to maintain Greece’s course of neutrality for generations to come. Nevertheless, the Italians did invade Greece, but were subsequently driven back into Albania.

Anna Antoni Climbs Kilimanjaro!

Stop Press ……………… Stop Press ………………Stop Press ………………

Anna Antoni Co-Chair of Kingsbury Greek School will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. It is a charity very close to Anna’s heart as she is raising funds in her late mothers name.

Please join the rest of the committee in wishing Anna the very best of luck as she takes on this amazing challenge.  She flies to Africa on Saturday 16th October and starts her climb on Monday 18th.  A full write up of her climb with photos will be posted on the website when she returns.

If anyone would like to support Anna by making a donation please go to Click here