Best Greek School

I had tears in my eyes reading your email. I would just like to say that it was the greatest pleasure having the opportunity to work at the Kingsbury Greek School. 

Since 1988 when I started I still remember having a full class of 21 children! (And throughout the rest of those lovely years, it mainly remained that way!)

Everyone who attended Kingsbury Greek School has the strongest and fondest memories of learning, engaging and enjoying the Greek language, culture and traditions. 

When I see past students, they always talk about their great experiences during Greek School life. This means that those years left a mark on so many lives, creating friendships alongside a community that will continue to live on fondly, in all of those hearts. 

Congratulations to you Annie mou and to all of the committee members, parents, teachers and others for running one of the best Greek Schools within our London’s Greek community. 

Best regards, wishes and love, 

Toulla x 

So sad it has closed down.

Our 3 year old daughter started at Kingsbury Greek School in September 2015. We are astounded at how confident she has become and how much she has learnt. We all enjoy visiting each week as there is a family feel to the school. From day one we were welcomed with open arms.

Her teacher Nikoletta has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our daughter absolutely adores her and loves going to Greek school each week. She is not only learning the language, including songs, but the culture too, which is important to us. We could not have asked for more.

So sad it has closed down.


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